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Simple Assembly For The Swing!

Say goodbye to manual rocking!

Our electric baby swing allows you to relax while your loved one is lulled to sleep. The baby swing comes in 5 different swing modes, so you can pick your baby’s favorite!

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Accessory Checklist

The end of the USB cable connecting to the host is the socket of the DC cable; the other end of the USB cable connecting the adapter is ageneral USB port.

Let’s Begin

This step-by-step manual will guide you to put your swing together! Once you’re done, lull your baby to sleep with the awesome features the swing has to offer!

Installation of the base

  • Align the tubes of the base and insert it until the holes on both sides are aligned and overlapped. The same method for the other side of the tube.
  • Install screws on the two holes to lock them. Lock the screws on the other side. The installation base is complete.

Both pillar of the base does not come in the same length as this is to strengthen the support for the base.

Installation/ removal of seat frame

  • Installation: Insert the “Ω” pipe at the bottom of the pedestal into the “Ω” base.
  • Disassembly: Pull out the metal clasp on the rear end of the joint between the seat frame and the base, then pull out the seat frame upwards at the same time to disconnect the seat.

Installation of seat cloth and pillow

  • Installation: Place the seat over the top of the seat frame and close the Velcro.
  • Disassembly: Undo the Velcro and pull off the seat cover and pillow.
  • To install the pillow, loop and secure the Velcro at the top of the seat

Installation of the removable tray

  • Installation: Align the tube on the back of the tray and place the tube on the tray. Screw all four screws into the removable tray and tighten them.
  • How to attach on the seat: Clip and attach the tray on both side of the seat, then buckle on both sides. Adjust the center part of the tray and clip it onto the seat to finish the installation of the tray.

It is recommended to use the removable tray while your baby is awake to avoid any form of accident. The removable tray and electric swing are not encouraged to be used both at the same time, as this may lead to food spilling from the tray.

Installation / removal of yarn tent and hanging toy

  • Installation: After installing the seat cover, open the clasp on the side of the seat frame. Attach the two sides of the mosquito netting onto the fittings on both sides of the seat frame; Then pulled the bottom of the seat frame. To secure it, fasten the Velcro around the seat frame.
  • Disassembly: Tear off the bottom Velcro and remove the roof buckle.

It’s Playtime!

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