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Self Feeding Bamboo Baby Spoons (Red,Blue & Green)

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  • 🎍 LIGHTWEIGHT FOR SELF FEEDING – The perfect baby feeding spoon for training your first time solid eater, as its base is made of natural bamboo. Easy to hold for a little learner and portable enough to bring on the go!
  • 🥄 PROTECTS BABIES’ TEETH & GUMS – With a soft silicone tip, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is chewing only on high quality, food grade materials. Never worry about metal or plastic scraping against your infant’s mouth with our ergonomic baby spoons
  • 🦷 GREAT FOR TEETHING – Soft on gentle mouths to encourage baby led weaning, our self feeding spoons for babies are also durable enough to be chewed on and played with. The PVC free surface ensures no harmful chemicals enters your baby’s mouth
  • 👶 JUST THE RIGHT SIZE FOR BABIES – Our baby spoon is designed to fit small mouths, supporting the development of self-feeding skills. The non-detachable silicone tip poses no choking risk either. Ideal for first time eating!
  • 🎁 THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT – This training spoon comes in a set of 3, suitable for gifting at baby showers, first birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. Comes in 3 gender-neutral colors (red, blue and green)!

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Delivery: Between 4 Days - 7 Days.

Return Policy: Eligable for Return, Return, Refund or Replacement within 30 days of receipt.

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Brand: BABY K
Color: Red Blue Green Bundle
Material: Bamboo
Product Dimensions: 1.34 (L) x 5.39 (W) x 0.39 (H) inches

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Natural, gum-friendly teether

The onset of teething symptoms occurs at about 6 months of age. For your child, it generally comes with some form of gum or jaw discomfort as their tooth begins to erupt. To ease your baby’s teething pains, simply place some gentle pressure on their gums! Baby K’s bamboo spoons have soft silicone tips, each rounded to soothe your little one’s sore gums.

Encourages self feeding

Once your baby starts reaching for their spoon, bowl or the food on your plate, they may be ready to try self-feeding. These signs of independence and motor development will tell you that it’s time to give your infant opportunities to practice this skill. With our bamboo spoons, let your little one explore during their meal to build a positive, rewarding eating experience!

Engages kids’ curiosity

Born with a natural desire to learn, your bundle of joy is sure to be eager to discover their surroundings (and the world!) as they grow up. Mealtimes may come with lots of distractions for your baby, but don’t worry! Our spoons come in 3 bright colors to capture your child’s interest and keep them entertained while they eat. Ready, set, feed!

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A lot of love goes into our product packaging so that you can send your love to new families and new parents.
For an effortless gifting experience, choose our bamboo baby spoons. We incorporate thoughtful messaging into our designs to ensure a hassle-free gift is ready for delivery!

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Meals can sometimes be messy, but with us it’s easy to clean up. We want you to shop with confidence.
In the event of manufacturing defects, we will offer free replacements or refunds. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, so rest easy! We’ll do our best to make your experience enjoyable.

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