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Foot Finder Socks & Wrist Rattles

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  • 🧠 STIMULATES BABY’S SENSES – With bright colors and contrasting patterns, our foot rattles toy for babies helps encourage your baby’s visual development and color cognition. Our baby rattle toys & sock’s fun, crinkly textures also double as a sensory activity to entice your newborns to touch and explore and enhance learning!
  • 🦶 DEVELOPS BABY’S MOTOR SKILLS – Besides aiding in brain development, our educational baby wrist rattles and rattle toe socks are designed to encourage infants’ fine motor skills development. These hand and foot rattles set will entice your little ones to reach, grab and kick; efficiently stimulating hand, eye and foot coordination
  • 🐰 ENGAGING LITTLE FRIENDS – Your little one will be enchanted by the cute, colorful animals on these baby wrist and foot rattles! Soft jingling catered to baby’s delicate hearing is created with every movement. Additionally, the pet’s tiny little apron is made from a lightweight material that makes delightful crinkly sound upon touch.
  • 👍 IMPROVED VELCRO DESIGN – Your baby’s playtime gets better even with our feet finder socks and wrist rattle toy. These baby rattles for boys & girls fasten easily and securely around your little one’s wrist and feet with the upgraded velcro, so you don’t have to worry about the infant rattle socks falling off mid-play
  • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT IDEAS – Super comfy to wear, our infant rattle toys for baby boy & girl can help keep track of your newborn and make the best congratulatory gifts. Since these soft rattle toys for baby are packed nicely in a box, our baby rattle socks are a popular choice as last minute presents

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Color: Butterfly Bugs Set E
Material: Cotton
Brand: BABY K
Item Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1.18 x 2.56 x 5.12 inches
Care instructions: Hand Wash Only
Unit Count: 1

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Improved velcro strap for a more quality playtime

Rattles aren’t just a source of entertainment, but also an important tool that helps your baby pick up new skills. With our updated design, your child will be able to enjoy their playtime with more freedom and less worry on your part. Our upgraded wrist rattles stay fastened more securely so you don’t have to be concerned about them falling off mid-play.

Soft crinkling sounds to promote auditory development

Notice how the tinkling of wind chimes or ticking of clocks may amuse your little one? At around 5 months, babies begin to seek out sound sources via head-turning or eye movement. To help develop their sense of sound, our foot finders and wrist rattles produce gentle crinkling, jingling noises that will be sure to excite.

Stimulate both gross and fine motor skills

As your child’s nervous system and muscle control start getting in sync, their movements will transition from quick and jerky to smooth and intentional. Strengthen your infant’s muscle development and motor skills with our foot finder socks, which encourage them to raise their legs, kick and even crawl.

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