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Our Story

Baby K™ is a leading premium ecommerce brand that produces baby products. Our mission is simple – to develop products that are sustainable and responsible. We are dedicated to bringing you, the discerning parent, innovative and novel products, and we hope to continue producing practical goods that children will enjoy!

We started Baby K™ in 2020 as we wanted baby and toddler products with depth and are sustainable to produce for parents who are responsible consumers. The baby and toddler industry now is still largely making products that are not eco-friendly and uninspiring, so we decide that we must take it upon ourselves to make and sell products that are made from natural, organic materials. They must also be innovative and beautifully packaged for both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes.

As a responsible brand, Baby K™ wants to foster a global community of parents that support each other’s parenting journey, by sharing stories that impart positivity for the next generation of children. Ultimately, Baby K™ wants to be part of the transition to a circular economy and cradle-to-cradle manufacturing.

Being on Earth like everyone else, Baby K™ owes to one and all that we practice what we preach in producing our products. From sourcing our materials locally, to our brand messaging and contents, we take the initiative to positively impact our environment.

Our design philosophy is to use natural, sustainable sources as materials to make our products. Bamboo is one of these materials. It is a renewable fast-growing grass that requires no pesticides or chemical fertilizers; it is also breathable and moisture-wicking; and it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as hypoallergenicity which is safe for babies’ sensitive skin. 

Another material we use is organic cotton. It uses less water and consumes less energy to grow from natural cotton seeds. During the process, workers are treated to fair pay, better livelihoods and a safer environment, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It is also safe for sensitive skin.

Silver fiber is yet another natural source material. It has good thermal regulation and dissipates heat well. It absorbs toxins and releases silver ions that promote better health. It also resists radiation.

We hope with our care in designing quality products with aesthetically pleasing packaging, parents will enjoy our products and even gift them to others to share their joy

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